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Jimmy Hits

In 1999 a young scratch nerd with a passion for the ones and twos, a love of Party Rock, early electro, and 90's hip hop set forth with one dream in mind, becoming one of the best DJ's to have ever come out of California. For two years Jimmy Hits spent time day and night locked in his room perfecting his craft before he went about taking the west coast by storm. And storm he did. From his own bedroom he moved on to local venues such as Marquee in Sydney and Temple in San Francisco, to Create in Hollywood, and even going as far as the Hyde out in Las Vegas, NV. * Today you can find Jimmy Hits all over the place and in almost every scene, be it DJing at one of his many residencies such as Temple and Rouge Nightclub, spinning for the trio band Super Square or keeping the underground Bay alive with his open format style that ranges from Electronic Music & Hip-Hop to Classics and beyond.

Education: Self Taught

Based in: San Francisco, CA

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